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Garlic Paste

Also known as Toum in Lebanon, garlic paste is perfect for any kitchen! An extremely versatile sauce that can be used for dipping, sautéing, or basically anything in substitution for garlic! 

Our Garlic paste was made sourcing the best ingredients around the world: Lebanese EVOO, Pink Himalayan Salt, Hand Squeezed Lemon, and of course Garlic, all Non-Gmo certified.

8 Spice

Craving the earthy blend of spices back in Lebanon, we decided to make our own.

We grind and source each of our spices to assure you are getting the highest quality. Our 8 Spice is perfect with all meats, and also fantastic for marination and cooking.

Kabees el Lift, known as
Pickled Turnips, has been a staple of Mediterranean

cuisine for thousands of years, served as a snack or to accompany a delicious meal. We at Eezo’s make our Pickled Turnips authentically, without the use of harmful additives or artificial ingredients, the same way our ancestors did.

Pickled Turnips

More Great Things To Come!

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