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Eezo's Guacamole

Happy Tuesday! Today we have an AMAZING crowd pleaser that's quick, easy, and flavorful: Eezo's Guacamole. Every Sunday we always throw a small dinner party with family & friends, and the Guac is always a favorite.

Eezo's Guacamole:

1 Large Pepper

1 Large Onion

1 Large Bunch of Cilantro

2 Large Tomato

5 Avocado

1 Handful of Mint

2 OZ of Eezo's Garlic Paste

4 OZ of Lime/Lemon Juice (Lime preferable)

1 Tsp of Himalayan Salt

Hot Sauce to Taste

Jalapeño/Habanero to Taste

Step 1:

Prepare all the veggies/ingredients. Start by halving & skinning the avocado and placing in a large bowl. Dice the onions, peppers, and tomato to whichever size you prefer for the texture. For the mint and cilantro, make sure to dice fine.

Step 2:

Start mashing the avocado in the bowl with a mashing tool (Pestle, wooden spoon, potato masher, etc), once to a creamy texture, add the Eezo's Garlic Paste, Himalayan salt, hand squeezed lime or lemon juice (We prefer lime, but lemon is fine), and hot sauce to your taste (any brand is fine, we use our homemade. Just make sure to stay away from odd flavored hot sauce, i.e bbq hot sauce). Mash once more thoroughly.

Step 3:

Proceed by topping all the vegetables in the bowl, begin to mix with a spoon until everything is evenly distributed.

Step 4:

Dig IN!

Hope you guys enjoy this one! If you have any questions or suggestions please shoot a comment below, catch you next time!

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